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The world's first covered smartbench with eight seats, two wireless and two USB chargers.

Kuube Plus

The completely unique shape and roof give you the opportunity to spend time and charge up your smart device in a sheltered place in the summer, even in the midday sun. Thanks to the 480 watt solar panel, we can enjoy the services provided by the smartbench even in winter.

If the season is quite extreme, the bench automatically detects the decreasing voltage level of the batteries and, if necessary, temporarily switches off some of its functions and shows a warning message on its digital displays.

The powder-coated aluminum frame is easy to clean, does not rust, and has excellent resistance to possible damage and weather conditions. The premium quality ash wood seating surface will make the Kuube PLUS smartbench the most remarkable part of public spaces for many years.

Technical details


8 seater (ash wood seats)

4g hotspot (50m)

2 USB chargers

2 Qi chargers

4 environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, UV-index)

2 2,4" display

RGB LED lighting during night mode

working winter mode

data collection for the online dashboard: traffic, energy, usage

0-24 hour remote monitoring

Additional functions

7" touch screen with 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C quick chargers

built-in speakers


powder coated aluminum chassis (recyclable)

tempered glass coating

224 Ah capacity

480 watt polycrystalline solar cell


width: 2200 mm, height: 2200 mm, depth: 2200 mm

450 kg