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Why are we different?

The best, premium quality materials available on the smart furniture market to ensure long-term usage.

Recyclable aluminum chassis - lightweight yet strong body

Tempered glass cover for a scratch-free look

Services that work in winter too

We believe it is important to involve Hungarian professionals in the product design and development. We use materials that almost exclusively come from Hungary. The frame, covering glass, solar panel, and electronic controls are made in Hungary. The elegant design and high quality materials make the Kuube smartbenches stand out among their competitors. Besides sustainability, optimal heat dissipation and longevity were our main objectives. All our products are made of 100% aluminium.

You can choose between three different sizes which makes easier to find the perfect model for any location. Thanks to the solar batteries our benches are entirely mobile, and they are fully functioning even if the public utilities are difficult to access.

Thanks to the winter mode, we have eliminated seasonality.