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Our smallest smartbench with three seats, one wireless and two USB chargers.

Kuube eco okospad kilátás

At first sight, it is not noticeable that we are not running into a traditional street furniture made of metal. Clean shape and design, size that can be placed even in very small spaces. However, as we approach the smartbench, our smartphone senses that we have reached a wifi hotspot, just like in the case of our PLUS and NANO smartbenches. By the time we sit on the bench, we can already surf the internet! If you have a device what's battery is low, you can charge it with USB and Qi chargers. Despite its small size, we believe that our ECO bench is also a real meeting point, which serves the needs of the young and older generation too.

Like its bigger siblings, this smart furniture is a mini weather station: it measures temperature, UV-index, humidity, barometric pressure and air pollution. The data extracted is displayed locally on its digital display, which can be viewed by anyone at the bench.

Although the solar panels are located under the seat, the batteries are charged even with partial coverage, thus ensuring the operation of the services. In the summer heat, as with our NANO smartbench, the built-in cooling system guarantees that you can sit on the bench comfortably.

Technical details


3 seater

4g hotspot (30m)

2 USB chargers

1 Qi charger

4 environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, UV-index)

2,4" display

RGB LED lighting during night mode

built-in fan cooling system during summer

working winter mode

data collection for the online dashboard: traffic, energy, usage

0-24 hour remote monitoring


powder coated aluminum chassis (recyclable)

glued tempered glass coating

36 Ah capacity

67 watt polycrystalline solar cell


width: 1746 mm, height: 450 mm, depth: 424 mm

90 kg