Premium quality

Phone charging and free wifi

on the solar powered smartbenches

Developing sustainable green smart cities

For us, it is essential to produce smart furniture that combines innovative technology and sustainability, that is why we have chosen to work with solar energy and high quality materials.

We collect solar energy on the previously unused surfaces and our digital services bring people together. With our street furniture you can charge your phones (wireless or with USB), you can listen music thanks to the large display and the built-in speakers and use our unlimited free wifi.

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Kuube Plus okospad


The world's first covered smartbench with eight seats, two wireless and two USB chargers.


Kuube Nano okospad


A real alternative to public benches, with two wireless and two USB chargers, with four seats.


Kuube Eco okospad


Our smallest smartbench with three seats, one wireless and two USB chargers.


Kuube Basic okospad


We are thinking outside of the smart furniture market!


Kuube Book okospad


Public book exchange for local readers with renewable energy.

Kuube Plus


Not just a bench,

meeting point!

The batteries use renewable energy only. You can charge your devices via USB ports or wirelessly. This smart bench also functions as WiFi hotspot and has environmental sensors. In addition to the built-in phone charging functions, it has a real community organizing power and it can become the focal point of smart cities due to its large size and the free WiFi service – innovative investment for public spaces, great investment for communities.
This is KuubePLUS.

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Kuube Nano okospad


Slow down, sit down,

and charge up!

Smartbench with USB ports, wireless chargers, and WiFi hotspot function. Charged exclusively by solar energy, the place of installation is flexible. The bench constantly monitors its environment – changes in temperature, UV level, air quality, humidity, air pressure – and  forwards the data to the server, or notifies the owner if necessary.

Small size, modern outlook, and perfect design – KuubeNANO

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Kuube eco okospad kilátás


Its greatness lies

in its simplicity.

Clean design, small size, countless features. The three seater KuubeECO is our smallest smartbench. It is equipped with two USB and one wireless chargers. Just like the big brothers, KuubeNANO & KuubePLUS, it has unlimited internet access via wifi. You can track the changes of its environment on the built-in screen, just like on our other smartbenches.
If you want a small, eco-friendly, smart street furniture which is accessible to everyone, choose KuubeECO

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Kuube Basic utcabútor


Design that matches our smart furniture,

with high quality materials.

During the placement of our smart benches, we faced the need countless times to equip the public space or park with traditional benches too, that fit with their uniform design to our smart furniture. In response
to this consumer demand, we have decided to develop traditional street furniture too and designed a classic bench without a phone charger and wifi service that is a perfect complement to our smart furniture.

Size: width: 1746 mm, height: 450 mm, depth: 424 mm.

Kuube Book könyv könyvcsere


Bring one,

take one.

The public book exchange program initiative was launched in Western Europe. Kuube has already played a major role in spreading this cultural mission in Hungary. Anyone can bring or take out a book from the solar-powered book stops, equipped with LEDs. The cabinet’s tempered glass doors and gas springs protect the books in all seasons.

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Kuube Hungary Kft.

Kuube Eco mobil töltés - mben vagyunk mások?

Why are we different?

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Kuube Plus - kik vagyunk?

Who we are

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Kuube Green Smart City

100% solar energy

The whole operation is based on renewable energy

Aluminium chassis

Stainless, recyclable aluminum body

Tempered safety glass

Durable quality, so there is no need to deal with the environmental impact of waste due to depreciation

Ash wood seating

Natural wooden seat

Working winter mode

We have eliminated seasonality.

Small weather station

Built-in enivronmental sensors (temperature, air quality, UV-index, humidity, air pressure)

Okos város / smart city

Premium quality materials for sustainability

Our goal is to pave the way for sustainable smart cities with our micromobility points. We would like to renew the public spaces with green digital developments to make cities more livable for its residents. We hope that the smart city approach will become more and more widespread in the world and also more and more smart solutions will be integrated into the urban, often isolated lifestyle, which will bring people closer together.

With our smartbenches we want to help in this and appear in more and more communities.

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Green city

After every KuubePLUS smartbench, we plant a tree

We consider it important to keep the ecological footprint of our products to the lowest. The seat of our KuubePLUS smartbench is made of Hungarian ash wood, which we want to replace in nature. That’s why we decided to plant a Hungarian ash tree after every KuubePLUS smartbench. If the owner of the bench is happy to receive the tree, we will give it to him, otherwise we will plant the tree.