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A real alternative to public benches, with two wireless and two USB chargers, with four seats.

Kuube Nano okospad

With its futuristic shape, it stands out from the average street furniture of public spaces and it already dresses the space on its own. Although the dark-colored solar panels could become hot under the tempered-glued glass surface on the hottest summer days, the built-in fans automatically cool the smartbench above an internal temperature of 35 °C. The strong sunshine provides plenty of energy for the cooling system. Thus, the surface of our benches is a pleasant feeling even in summer.

We can entrust the operation of the LED lighting at night to the electronics of the bench, or we can adjust it ourselves: how long and in what color to illuminate at night. Two USB and two Qi chargers ensure that even more people can use the services provided by Kuube NANO at the same time.

Technical details


4 seater

4g hotspot (30m)

2 USB chargers

2 Qi chargers

4 environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, UV-index)

2,4" display

RGB LED lighting during night mode

built-in fan cooling system during summer

working winter mode

data collection for the online dashboard: traffic, energy, usage

0-24 hour remote monitoring


powder coared aluminum chassis (recyclable)

glued tempered glass coating

72 Ah capacity

112 watt polycrystalline solar cell


width: 1798 mm, height: 450 mm, depth: 778 mm

180 kg