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2021. 03. 10.

Its name is Kuube and it comes from Hungary. It’s a smart bench with all the comforts for those who want to stop for lunch and relax outdoors enjoying the sun, without ever disconnecting. It allows you to recharge your smartphone and surf the web, thanks to the integrated USB ports and wireless chargers.

But where does it get its energy from? Kuube can be installed anywhere, as long as it is sunny enough: it’s entirely solar powered and is equipped with 3G/4G technology.

In terms of design, Kuube is made of aluminium with a tempered glass coating, while the seat surface is made of ash wood. It’s available in three different versions and sizes: Eco, Nano and Plus, which can accommodate, in order, a maximum of three, four and eight people (COVID-19 permitting). The Plus model also differs from the other two in shape, as it is fitted with a cover to protect against rain and sun. Finally, another remarkable feature of these three benches is their ability to monitor air quality and humidity levels.

Kuube benches have currently been installed in Hungary in Budapest, Várpalota and Balatonalmádi and in the Croatian town of Skradin.